Who We Are

At Crimson Phoenix, we are composed of industry veterans who understand the federal governments needs. We are a company that prides ourselves on providing our employees with the best benefits and atmosphere as a company so they are only focused on their task at hand while supporting the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and Federal Civilian Sector. Our patriotism and loyalty to our country is what motivates us to be the BEST government contracting company there is.


Soar Higher

Crimson Phoenix is a top notch government contractor. Our motto is simple, provide the best service with the best resources. Your needs may change but our focus does not.

Why Work With Crimson?

Crimson Phoenix was founded by a group of people that understand the contracting industry. We understand the needs of our customers and employees. We have evolved with the times to make the experience of our customers and employees the best. Our goal is to be the best employer and partner. If we ever fail in any area we will gladly accept the criticism to be better. For our employees, it is good pay, benefits, and a clear career vision. For our partners, it is reliability and consistency. Crimson Phoenix will do our best to be the best.

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