Why Work With Us?

At Crimson, we our focused on putting our employees first because we truly care. Each employee is part of the Crimson family. Whether it is spending time with you at a quarterly event, getting together for a team lunch, or receiving a handwritten note from our CEO, you will know that we care.

Everyone hears how every company claims to be the best, but how can you prove that? How do we do that? We start by offering above industry standard benefits and compensation. We would rather lower our profits and invest in our employees. Each employee has an internal career advocate within the company. We work with our employees to create a roadmap for their career and will work with you to achieve your career goals. Whether an employee is moving, wanting a new role, or is ready for the next progression in their career, we are always successful in ensuring our employees are where they want to be. In addition, Crimson Phoenix is one of the fastest growing companies in our industry, which directly correlates with employee growth opportunities.

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